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Become a Digital Nomad

Are you ready to generate 100% digital income, doing something you like? You are in the right place.

Earning money from your computer, cell phone and WiFi is possible and in this workshop I show you how you can achieve it.

Start generating income now!


You have much more potential than you imagine

I say this from experience, recently I was in a situation where if I didn't generate more income I was going to have to look for a job, and I really didn't want to.  In one month I was able to double my income 100% digital.

You don't have to be an influencer, or even have an Instagram page to generate income.  You have much more potential and you can achieve much more, if you don't know how to start, you're in the right place.


How to do UGC (User Generated Content) and get clients.

How to create templates and digital documents and sell them.

How to offer services as a freelancer (any service) and the platforms to get clients.

Other ways to generate income online.


  1. UGC: User Generated Content

  2. Templates or digital products

  3. freelancing

  4. Online courses

  5. Stock Day Trading

  6. Affiliate Marketing

  7. answering surveys

  8. Airbnb

  9. If you undertake in Doterra: how to integrate it?

Como me inscribo


Making a single payment of USD$222.59

This includes the Healthy Start kit, Copaiba essential oil, and creating your DoTerra account.



Education and mentoring on how to generate income online.

Access to community on Discord.

Notion tutorials and templates to sell your products and do your courses online.

Access to my programs with special price.

Platform to see the replay and additional resources.


Celina, DR

I loved how all the ways to generate new income are shared in a digestible and easy way. In addition, one can choose what one feels most comfortable with and start at once with confidence.


Alexandra, UK

I loved the Become a Digital Nomad course because it is 100% practical and with clear examples. Selma shares all the tips and tools that she herself is applying to have different sources of income, both passive and active online. I recommend it to anyone who wants to generate income online.


Johanna, Panama

Selma Moncada's Digital Nomads gave me tools in a clear and practical way to start taking action to generate additional income. Surely without this course it would have taken me months to learn about these tools or I would not have found them all. Super recommended if you want to expand your income by opening different sources to the traditional ones.


Evelyn, RD

The workshop become a digital nomad will open your mind to new options, it will change the perspective you have of how you could do things and place them in your favor


Dahlia, DR

I feel very motivated with the content of the course become a digital nomad, since it made me see many ways to monetize on the networks that I had no idea about.

nore y empe.jpg

Nore and Empe, Panama

Become a Digital Nomad is a course that we would have liked to have done when we started to undertake, but since it is never too late, almost two years after having started, we took it and it has been a magnificent experience. It opened the doors to many other ways of generating income and the best thing is that the explanations are clear and based on experience.


*Only valid if you are in the loyalty program

Receive oils and products of the highest quality.

Access to 25% discount for one year at DoTerra.

Access to education on how to use your products and get the most out of it.

Opportunity to earn points with every purchase.*

Opportunity to participate in monthly raffles.*


Imagine that you can increase your income whenever you want.

Now let's do it!

  • If I have never started a business, can I take the course?
    Sure! You will come away with tools to be able to start monetizing your knowledge in different ways.
  • If I don't have an Instagram account, can I do the course?
    Yes, you do not need to have a presence on social networks to generate income. Most of the income that I will teach you do not need any social network.
  • Does taking the course mean that I have to sell the essential oils?
    No, you can just enjoy the course knowledge and use your products.
  • Do I have to order every month?
    No, you order whenever you want. You have the benefit that when you want to order you have a 25% discount.
  • If I have a DoTerra account but with another team, can I take the course?
    Yes, the price is USD$209.
  • Can I just pay $209 without creating my DoTerra account?
    Yes, you can, but by creating your Doterra account, the order can cost approximately USD$185 and you can also receive the products you want.
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