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Do you feel that there is a version of you that you visualize but you can't seem to become her?

Omg I feel you soo much, for years I had visualized a Selma that this year I discovered how to become her.

My version of Selma takes care of her well-being every day naturally and makes money (A LOT) online.

Being that version of me has been constant work and with accountability partners to get closer to her.  


I can be your accountability partner and your Business Bestie:

I can be your accountability partner and your Business Bestie:


  • If you want to take care of yourself naturally

  • If you want to earn money online

  • If you want to build the life of your dreams


It might feel far away, but literally from the moment you take the first step, it will stop feeling that way.


I am a marketer and digital entrepreneur.

I have been with my online business Soulfull for 5 years, sharing wellness and teaching women to earn money online. Before, I led a double life, working in marketing and advertising agencies, while learning about Yoga, Ayurveda, and other natural wellness tools.

One day I realized that I could earn money with this and I could unite my passions in a single business. My main takeaway is: one can create the life one wants, all you have to do is decide to do it and start doing it.


"In this team we have people who are very committed to what we do, we take our work very seriously, we love teamwork, we support each other and you always have someone to help you, even if it is not the person who signed you up or your upline. The most cracks in this business are teaching us how to do it. We all have the potential to achieve it. If that resonates with you, don't hesitate to join the team 💗"

Norelia, Panama

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I give you this free Notion Template where there are all the questions and journal prompts that I mention in the video and a habit tracker.