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Learn how you can undertake with DoTerra and have income from anywhere in the world.

I was one that went from having an 8-5 job to starting from home with DoTerra, a 100% digital business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world, if you want to know how I did it, I'll explain in detail in this class of one hour.

Click the button below to watch the class and then we'll schedule a call to clarify any questions and define the next steps.


You Start Boosting Your Business

Course where we explain how you start and grow your business in doterra.  The classes are recorded videos of 10-15 minutes that you can watch at your own pace.

Access to exclusive Discord group

In this group we share exclusive information about mentoring, special programs and above all, you have a community that supports and helps you.

personalized coaching

After the onboarding cycle ends, you start with personalized coaching.  1-1 sessions where we see strategies to grow your business: sales, communication, emotional support, etc.

Una vez decides


"In this team we have people who are very committed to what we do, we take our work very seriously, we love teamwork, we support each other and you always have someone to help you, even if it is not the person who signed you up or your upline. The most cracks in this business are teaching us how to do it. We all have the potential to achieve it. If that resonates with you, don't hesitate to join the team 💗"

Norelia, Panama



The only way to be successful in any business is by using the products we share. The first step is to sign up, my recommendation is through a sign-up kit.

ORDER IN THE LRP OF 100pvs (USD$150 approx)

The LRP is the loyalty rewards program, it is a free program where you earn points on each order and you can also earn free oils.  


We offer you a training and education program both on how you start with Doterra and on essential oils.

It is your part to attend the mentoring and apply what we teach you.  That way you can start to see results and above all start to personalize it with things that work for you.

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